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    Can a diverter valve be repaired?

    When something goes wrong with your combi boiler there is always the fear of how much it will cost to fix. Some boiler issues can be repaired to get the boiler up and running again. However, in some cases the part that is causing the problems can’t be repaired and can only be replaced.  

    Even if that is the outcome for your boiler, replacing elements doesn’t always break the bank. In this article we’ll be breaking down the costs to fix or replace your boiler diverter valve. 

    Repairing a broken diverter valve 

    It is never advisable to try and do a boiler repair yourself, instead you should contact a Gas Safe registered engineer. They will be able to carry out a fault check to make sure a faulty diverter drive is the issue and not something else. 

    There are other boiler problems that can display similar symptoms to a broken diverter. For example, if you’re in a newly built home, or the issue has always been there since you moved in, it could be something as easy as valves on the pipework not being open. 

    The fault check done by the boiler engineer will typically include seeing that all controls are working as they should be. If there’s a fault with your diverter valve, the engineer will probably need to do a diverter valve replacement. 

    In a lot of cases, it will only be the diaphragm that needs to be replaced, but the labour costs involved often make it more worthwhile to get an entirely new unit. It would be much more frustrating if you replaced the diaphragm and then had to call the engineer back shortly after because the valve itself is sticking. 

    Whilst the boiler is taken apart, it is certainly worth asking the engineer to assess other visible parts for wear and tear. If there aren’t any significant issues, then replacing the problematic diverter is all that will be needed. 

    How much does it cost to fix a faulty diverter valve? 

    When it comes to the cost to replace a diverter valve UK, you can expect to pay around £250-£350, but as with all the other parts of a heating system, there’s a lot of factors that influences the cost. Mainly these are the cost of the part itself and the labour costs. 

    Cost of the diverter valve 

    With occasional fluctuations, the average cost of a diverter valve is about £80-£200. If your boiler diverter valve costs £80-£120, £250 should cover the full cost of the repair (including labour). However, if your diverter sits in the £150-£200 region, it’s more likely to cost between £275 and £350 to repair (including labour). 

    Labour costs 

    Hourly rates for labour vary widely across the country. Being in a less expensive area of the UK, compared with London for example, could make £50-£60 difference to the overall cost of repairs. 

    Also, it’s important to keep in mind the ease of replacement. Some broken diverter valves will be easier to get to and replace than others. The quicker and easier it is to replace the part, the less expensive it will be. 

    When shouldn’t you replace a diverter valve? 

    Boilers aged between 8 and 10 years won’t be as advanced as new boilers, and many already have diverter problems at that age. It is recommended that your engineer checks the rest of the boiler parts thoroughly to look for any other issues. If there are any other major faults or issues found, it’s worth thinking about a new boiler. 


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